Yves tumor experiencing the deposit of faith bandcamp

yves tumor experiencing the deposit of faith bandcamp

12 13 In September 2018, Tumor released his Warp debut, Safe in the casino vught Hands of Love, with no prior announcement.
Yves Tumor - Experiencing The Deposit Of Faith Some musicians make their instruments weep; Yves Tumor can make samples cry.
To listen to his music is to be drawn into a world that's almost uncomfortably personal, whether you're playing one of his records or watching a searing live performance.
Yves Tumor, is an American producer of experimental electronic music, born in, miami, Florida and currently based in, turin, Italy.Sometimes he embellishes samples, sometimes they stand by themselvesusually, you can't tell exactly what he's doing.Retrieved October 15, 2018."Yves Tumor: Serpent radio bingo luisteren Music Album Review".In his music and performances, Yves Tumor shows equal reverence for light and dark, his best compositions threaded through with shocks of blistering or even ugly sound."Yves Tumor, When Man Fails You".It was preceded by the singles "Noid" on July 24, "Licking an Orchid" featuring James K on August 29, and "Lifetime" on September.James Ferraro and, dean Blunt, and noted their use of "unsettling percussive loops and field recordings to create a mood as if lost in a strange urban landscape"."Yves Tumor signs to Warp, releases new album Experiencing The Deposit Of Faith"."Synecdoche s cresting wall of sound seems like a post-rock excerpt.Something as brief as the two, two-and-a-half-minute AfricaAshes or Anyas Loop nonetheless contains multiple surfaces, samples refracting as they reiterate: a soul loop lends dusty warmth and a nod to tradition, while halting structures link more to avant-leaning futurists like.Album rating 75/100 09/13/2018 10:16 76/100 65/100 09/19/2017 06:21 66/100 65/100 09/16/2017 17:33 74/100 Experiencing The Deposit Of Faith favourites Be the first to add a comment for this album -!"Mykki Blanco affiliate Yves Tumor to release Serpent Music on PAN".The American artist has an uncanny ability to express himself with found sounds.Eternal, a tranquil classical guitar phrase is cut with what sounds like a crowd cheering for a sports match and then rich, droning male vocals.The album was recorded between Miami, Leipzig, Los Angeles and Berlin.Or to add this album to your favourites.He debuted his Yves Tumor project in 2015 with an EP for Berlin's experimental club label Janus, and another one for Blanco's label, Dogfood.Closer Love is the Law moves slowly through a humid woodwind melody grounded by bass, a days-end piece of melancholia.The LP can, despite its relative simplicity, be emotionally crushing.La última compilación Yves Tumor se siente como un viaje melancólico hacia los distintos recuerdos del productor.
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"Prosperity Awareness featuring Oxhy, starts out heavy and abrasive, like Yves Tumor's earliest work, before it gives way to a mournful horn and what could be either fireworks or rockets blazing across the sky, an ambiguity that sours what at first feels celebratory.