World of warships bonus code 2017

And it doesn't seem to be just related to WoWS, but WoWp and WoT as well.
Invite codes can't be used on existing accounts.
Get the code.Just did a random search via the web for a historical look a tthis game.Example: Should you have 2 or more Gamescom WoT Bonus Codes, only the first one will be credited in your account.That said, will there be a bonus code for this New years (2019)?Note: 1 code per account.You can get the following things: 1x port slot 20x Repair Team II 20x Damage Control Party II 20x Smoke Generator II 20x Camo Type 6 (100 XP) 1x Special Cap Buff flag: How to get that stuff:.Go to /codes.Theres a collaboration between Wargaming and a German language online magazine going on until January 1st 2018.The Bonus Code gives a vehicle I already have.However, I have also noticed a HUE disparity with the number of "codes" given out for the EU server versus any other server used (Asia,.) Why is that?Input the code and press, redeem.How to redeem a Bonus Code.Log in, wargaming.Enter the code F399733-6E.Typically around he holidays and such.I still have issues with the Bonus Code.When you activate the code, the game will no compensate the value of the vehicle.Select, bonus-Code: World of Warships, Ausgabe Sondeheft 2 from the first drop-down (note: check that you did this, as the default option is invite code and the code in #3 doesnt work with invite code, only with bonus code).The Bonus Code is not working.So why does the Eu get so casino truck show winner many, and the rest seemingly so few?

Should the issue persist, you may submit a ticket to Support.
Go to, activate Wargaming Code.
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