What does it mean when a pending deposit disappeared

what does it mean when a pending deposit disappeared

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This will get the customer what they need and you'll never need to come back to edit this transaction unless it's for some other need.
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What Does This Mean For My Customer?From time to time, a buyer has an emergency and needs to exit the contract.For example, a large transaction may be flagged as possible fraud, but be sent through upon review and approval by a human at your payment processor.Remember the big red Pending sticker you used to see across For Sale yard signs?What Could It Mean?But most likely, the buyer risks losing the earnest money deposit.Definitions of pending 1 adj awaiting conclusion or confirmation business still pending, synonyms: unfinished not brought to an end or conclusion.Understanding subject to and contingent upon.Dont get your hopes up when the home of your dreams shows sale pending.Find out the propertys status, has the buyer had the inspections?The buyer is locked in to buying the home.Abandoned Transactions, occasionally a customer will put something in their cart, click purchase, go to the payment processor's page (PayPal for example) and then choose not to finish the transaction.A property with a deal on it may still be for sale.Note : this specific section is not how to fix the underlying problem, but rather how to make your customer happy so you can figure out the problem later.No more contingencies sale pending, a deal thats truly pending is one in which the buyers have removed all contingencies.That means they only have a verbal agreement with the seller.There are several different reasons that a transaction could be left as pending.If they cant get financing, sell their current home, or resolve 50 free spins mega moolah an issue from the inspection with the seller, the buyer can exit the contract, subject to one of those terms.Edit the Payment, and find the Meta Box in the top right of the page called Update Payment.Simply change the status from Pending to Complete and press the.Sometimes they make it contingent upon the sale of their current home.
In changing markets, buyers get cold feet, or banks lending standards get more rigid, causing deals to fall apart.