Time deposit accounting treatment

For full redemption mode, you need not enter the connaitre son bonus malus groupama redemption amount.
Effective Date Specify the effective date Effective Date of a record is the date from which a record takes effect.
Different banks might have specific conditions surrounding the ability to withdraw the funds.
Offset Account Specify the account number/ GL from which the fund is transferred to TD account.Months Specify the number of years in the rollover tenor.Notifications after the expiry date if the document is not submitted after the expiry date.On save, system updates the Next Maturity Date accordingly.Typically, the longer the term to maturity, the higher the interest rate paid to the depositor.Deposit Details After Top-up The following details are captured here: Principal Balance The principal balance amount of the term deposit after top-up is displayed here.During save, the system defaults the channel details from Customer and Account Class of the account.If you select this option, then the following are applicable: The value of Default Tenor at account class is considered as the Rollover Tenor during deposit rollover During opening or modification within the term of the deposit, if you change the defaulted value for Rollover.You have to deposit the amount into the account at the time of account creation.Specifying Term Deposit Pay-Out Details Payout Type Select the pay-out mode from the drop down list.When account class transfer happens during batch, the system deletes the existing channels attached to the account and repopulates from the new Account Class and Customer.Here you can set the terms and conditions for rollover, as follows: Principal - If You select Principal option then On Maturity date System will do rollover with Only Principle amount irrespective to the Interest booking account.(i.e.Charge Start Date Select the charge start date from the option list.There are three pay-in options during account creation, they are: Pay in by transfer from.Maturity Amount The system displays the current maturity amount after partial/full redemption.The system defaults the remarks maintained at customer level to the account.Alternatively, you can also select the currency from the adjoining option list.
Move Principal to Unclaimed Check this field to move the principal amount to the unclaimed GL mapped at the IC product in the accounting role PRN_unclaimed on Grace period End date.
Currency The system displays the currency of the account.

Auto Rollover Check this field to automatically rollover the deposit you are maintaining.