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His investigation is complicated when it turns out that the girl assisting him is the daughter of the chief suspect! .
It's a Hindi "The Car' rip-off!So cool that Nero returned twenty years later to reprise one of his best roles.Another woman is possessed and turns into a monster, tearing out a woman's intestines.What they didn't anticipate is the black-gloved killer on the loose who starts to stalk them.N495 Secret File: Hollywood (62) aka: Scandaltown An ex-detective gets a job as an investigator digging up dirt on celebrities for a tabloid scandal sheet. .Later Japan surrenders and the final act has the military tribunals deciding the fates of many.N585 Diesel (84) In a distant future, a prostitute is running away from the people who just murdered her friend.Plane goes down in the Arctic, survivors must wait for rescue in the freezing cold.A group of female ninjas is sent to recover the loot at any cost.BA A17 Black Cartoons Vol.This is the uncut import disc, never released in America.Horny Paola (Gloria Guida) sucking on a lollipop when she greets him, practically humps his leg off on the bus ride to the villa, a preview of things.Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati star as Lia and Tina (good GOD!) two girls hitchhiking and waving their asses at everybody in a totally revealing way.Ritt gets a new partner (played by Jon Voight).Meanwhile a masked rapist is attacking women in the area.Crazy 'Exorcist' rip-off from director Amando de Ossorio.Nice color print BA A770 Prisoners of the Casbah (53) aka: La spada del deserto aka: Les prisonniers de la casbah Oily villain Firouz (Cesar Romero) has his sights set on Princess Nadja (Gloria Grahame) and her father's throne. .One scene: Lina naked, on top of another woman (who is also naked) are going at it, when she pulls a dagger and stabs her to death.What kind of fool would spiel lotto mittwoch create a premise such as this?N680 Necrophobia (95) Gory Horror from the Netherlands in a great quality print!Like 'I Spit on Your Grave' meets 'Straw Dogs'.
The writer is also informed of a wwii incident in which the crew of a battleship became stranded in a secluded island cave for three months.

With Joanna Cassidy, Howard.
Evil Spirit (8?) aka: Tom Yum Pee 2 Two monsters attack people in the same village.