Please deposit your payment

please deposit your payment

Primary state registration number, identification Number (TIN), code spel met 52 kaarten under the All-Russian Classifier of Businesses and Organizations (okpo) 17546909, code under the National Classifier of Government Entities and Administration (okogu) 15001, code under the All-Russian Classifier of Political Subdivisions (okato), taxpayer Registration Reason Code (KPP), code under the Russian.
Although the International Summer Program will ideal online casino provide medical care by a local general practitioner in minor cases, students must provide their own medical insurance.Any needs of our deposit images stock customers can be accommodated by deposit options offered by rrdb to individuals.Single Rooms, there is only a limited number of single rooms available on campus.Swift icfi rumm, telex 611729 icfi RU, location: 123112, Moscow, Presnenskaya nab.,.Bank Identification Code (BIC), correspondent account with GU banka rossii PO CFO.Exchange Rate, the currency used in Austria is the European Euro.Contact phone: (7 495), e-mail: Fax: (7 495).Registration number and date of state registration with the Bank of Russia.Actual address of the Bank: 123112, Moscow, Presnenskaya nab.,.Payment, students are required to pay the deposit of Euro 300,- and upon notification of their acceptance the remaining fee of Euro.200,- into the following account: University of Vienna - Sommerhochschule, bank Austria Creditanstalt.Reservations will be considered in order of arrival.The additional fee for a single room is Euro 150,- for the duration of the program.
If you prefer to stay on your own, there is the opportunity to reserve a single room.

When withdrawing a deposit within the principal/renewed term, the income for the actual period of holding the money on deposit is calculated based on the interest rate set by the Bank for the Sberbank of Russia Universal Deposit Account as of the date of opening (renewing).