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The statutory individual bank deposit insurance system (DIS) is a special governmental programme of the Russian Federation implemented in compliance with the Federal Law.
If a customer has more than one deposit with the same bank, the deposit compensation shall be paid pro rata the amounts of such deposits but the total compensation for all deposits should be no more than RUB 1,400,000.
2011, the world is looking at the country differently. And not only the world, but their new leader, Kim Jong Un, the late dictator's son, is also taking steps to open the doors to his poor nation.Pjsc Sberbank uses cookies (files with data about previous visits to the site) for personalization of services and convenience of users.511 viewsJan 7, 2013, 10:00am, i write about business and investing in emerging markets.Upon occurrence of an insured event a deposit with the Bank is to be compensated in size of 100 of the deposit amount with a bank, however, the total compensation shall not exceed RUB 1,400,000 (applicable to the insured events occurred after 29 December 2014).A depositor may exercise this right in the period from the date of the insured event occurrence to the bankruptcy proceedings completion date (forced liquidation completion date) casino 1995 4k and moratorium completion date if the Bank of Russia imposed moratorium on the settlement of claims towards creditors.Looking to the South at rich.Nordea Bank was one of the first Russian banks that joined the Deposit Insurance System, its registration number in the System.Since the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il in Dec.Its primary goal is to protect individual savings placed on deposits and accounts with the Russian banks inside Russia.To get compensation for deposits a depositor (his/ her/ its representative) or heir (his/ her/ its representative) may apply to the Deposit Insurance Agency or an agent bank if such is involved in the deposit compensations payments.177-FZ On Insurance of Individual Deposits with the banks of the Russian Federation.
The guarantor of money repayment to a depositor is the Russian Government.

The insured events are: the banks banking license issued by the Bank of Russia has been withdrawn (terminated) unless Deposit Insurance Agency participation plan is implemented within the banks financial rehabilitation; the Bank of Russia has imposed moratorium on the settlement of claims towards creditors.
Telephone *Legal Entities means entities lawfully qualified as small-sized businesses (including micro-businesses) under the Russian Law and registered in the Unified Small and Medium-sized Businesses Register.
Please note that it is necessary to timely inform the Bank about any changes in the information that was provided when making the deposit agreement or account agreement,.e.: Individuals, legal Entities last name, name, patronymic, registered place of residence.