Lotto machine big manual

Although you do not need to place your orders via computer if you prefer calling them in, you do need certain real-time information conveniently at your fingertips to operate the Monthly Income Machine.
Prior to employing the concepts of the Monthly Income Machine or any other trading technique, you should read a publication by the Options Clearing Corporation called Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.
Provides tips on: appropriate number of spreads based on account size, ladder entry, timing the entry, legging in, early exit and freeing up margin, the better way to enter protective stop orders, and the critical importance of using brokerage houses whose margin policies dont rob.Authors Additional Disclaimer: The information contained in this book represents methods I have developed and use personally, but I cannot and do not guarantee that you will make money, or that you will not lose money, employing the techniques, strategies and markets discussed herein.Use automatic selection (quick pick manual selection or your saved Lucky Numbers to pick your winners, level bonus diamond dash and find out more about how it works on theLotter.I am no longer a registered financial/investment advisor/broker and am not associated in any way with any investment firm except as a client trading my own accounts.Years ago (decades, actually) I reasoned as follows, just as you would have: Most option market participants pay a premium by buying options outright.You can earn a substantial monthly rate of return conservatively, without accurately forecasting market direction, and without a bottle of antacid standing by to treat the stomach-churning account value declines that often accompany stock market gyrations.Finally, a tremendous advantage we enjoy as sellers of credit spreads is that the mere passage of time erodes the premium value of options, further nudging the premium toward zero.Won a 3rd Division Match 6 prize of AU7,065.The entry criteria for spreads on individual stocks differ from those we use for ETFs and indexes like the S P, Nasdaq, and Russell Small Cap.Thats why its called a credit spread the money you receive when you establish the credit spread is credited to your account as soon your order is filled, and is permanently locked in if the option expires worthless as expected.When you place a Monthly Income Machine trade, you are not spending money, you are receiving it, and you get to bank it permanently when the option expires without the underlying stock or index having reached your credit spread prices on options expiration day.Nothing gives me greater satisfaction.
The following diagram is a snapshot view of an Iron Condor consisting of a 180/185 bear call credit spread and a 130/120 bull put credit spread.
The Monthly Income Machine provides the map every income investor needs to safely chart a course to a reliable income stream in any market environment up, down, or sideways.