Lotto chocho pie

"When he woke up from surgery, the 25-year-old North Korea defector said he wanted to eat a Choco Pie".
Chocolate is smeared on top of North Korean-run state newspaper Rodung Sinmun.
"It became clear that the workers were hiding them and taking them home to give them to their children he said.
He has since term deposit westpac nz pulled out of Kaesong.Orchid64 (July 16, 2010).The high value in North Korea of the Choco Pie, something considered so widespread and mundane in South Korea, is "a sad tragic story said the artist, Jin Jo Chae.It's a South Korean product."."They had only associated the United States with evil, and the fact that they could love something that the.S.Names for similar confections in other places include chocolate marshmallow pie, 1, wagon Wheels, angel pie, 2, jos Louis, and moon pie.They provided two Choco Pies a day, because "otherwise, (the workers) would not have energy to sustain themselves at work he said."South Korean activists launch 'Choco Pie' balloons".Contents, history edit, variations of the original go back to as far as 1917 in the southern United States.The Choco Pies have even been sent in balloon launches to North Korea by some advocacy groups.In 1979, lotte Confectionery began to sell a similar confection.Indeed, Chae, the artist behind the exhibit, says, the Choco Pie "has a power in how it works as a mind changing tool between South and North."."Through this Choco Pie, I found the potential from chocolate as an object that changes a society Chae said.26 27 References edit "Chocolate Marshmallow Pies"."It's really the only one place where North Koreans and South Koreans come in regular contact together said Stephen Noerper, senior vice president of the Korea Society, in New York."NK Choco Pie Price Falls on KIC News".
15 However, the workers at Kaesong would often resell their pies on the black market.
Their rising popularity in the north reveals an unexpected common ground between the two Koreas, despite their fractious relationship - a shared sweet tooth.