Local bank fixed deposit interest rate

local bank fixed deposit interest rate

Wednesday, May 8, 2019, bank of Russia Bulletin released.
Budget revenues are generated out of tax and extra-tax revenues.
Debtor receivable (receivables) includes indebtedness while dealing with accounts payable to buyers and customers for goods, work and services including indebtedness covered with promissory notes; indebtedness to associated companies and branch establishments; advances payable to other organizations in accordance with agreements concluded; indebtedness payable.Money supply, m2 (national definition) - the sum of money in circulation plus non-cash funds.Budgets of state non-budget funds include non-budget funds of the Russian Federation and budgets of territorial state non-budget funds.The collection of data is based on forms of state statistical and accounting reports.Profitability of sold products (works, services) is calculated as the ratio between the financial balance (profit less loss) of sales of products (works, services) and the cost of products (works, services) sold.Insurance premium (fee) - a payment sum should be paid by the insurant to the insurer in term and order established by the insurance agreement.The budget of the municipality of the Russian Federation (local budget) is intended for execution of expenditures liabilities the municipality.As well as into employment fund; indebtedness towards all forms of payments with regard for budgetary funds and extra-budget funds; indebtedness of organizations towards payments relating to obligatory and voluntary insurance of the property and employees of the organization as well as to other types.Transferable balance of indebtedness not paid on the reference date is included in overdue indebtedness while advances are not included.As well as out of gratis and irrecoverable transfers.Governmental bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local government, excluding taxes and dues approved by the legislation on taxes and dues; funds received as a result of application of measures of civil-legal, administrative and criminal responsibility, including penalties, confiscation, compensations as well.Statistics of the state finances takes records of revenues and expenditures of the public administration sector.Budget classification of the Russian Federation is revenue and expenditure grouping of all levels of the budget system of the Russian Federation used to compile and execute budgets and also roulette gagner a coup sur sources for financing deficits of these budgets, and so ensures budget indicators comparability of all.The expenditures of the budget - monetary funds paid form the budget excepting the funds which according to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation are the sources to finance the budget deficit.Tax revenues include federal.Bank deposits of individuals (physical persons) at credit institutions - deposits and attracted funds of individuals (including saving certificates not settled liabilities of agreements, other attracted funds as well as funds on other accounts of physical persons.Profitability of organizations characterizes the efficiency of their performance and is used to estimate the profit.The financial balance data of activities of organizations are given at actual prices, excluding subjects of small business and according to the structure and methodology of respective years.The revenues of the budget - monetary funds coming to the budget excepting the funds which according to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation are the sources to finance the budget deficit.Average deposit is calculated as follows: the total sum of deposits is divided by the number of depositors.