How to deposit money in atm to another account

how to deposit money in atm to another account

How to deposit cash easily in sbi machine.
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Step6: You have to Wait for deposits money to clear.
That slot may be marked or flashing light or something indicated.(See My Previous post, how to withdraw Money from ATM Machine 7 step then on screen a deposit tab will appear.Dans leur manoir mardi vous croiserez 12 mois si elle est en ├ęclosion ouvert il ya deux voitures de danse.This process is exactly the same as when you use ATM for withdrawal.Non ce n'est pas ce bonheur.It is very easy but many banks do not have this features.Its is really difficult for some people lotto preisvergleich to deposit money through atm machine so today we show you how?Before seal the envelope make sure all the information is right.Hope u like it thanks for watching please subscribe my channle.If there is a option of deposit then you have to put amount, what you want to deposit.Also check your deposit slip and cash.If there is no deposit option on screen then this is your bad luck of that particular ATM.But remember that This process is varies bank to bank so you should refer to your banks policies.One of the very useful and convenient way to deposit your money in ATM machine using your ATM(Automated Teller Machines) Card with an envelop or Without an Envelope, But here I am going to write about How to Use Banks ATM to Deposit Money.
Step2: Insert your ATM card and enter your secure PIN number.
Step5: And insert your sealed envelope particular slot in the ATM.

So before you use this facility of your bank know very well, is your bank accept envelope or not.
Step3: Take an deposit slip and fill out all the information.
Such as name, address, amount of money etc.