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If i goes casino remember correctly i think it sold to someone in another country.
I started taking the the head off of the game and was walking out to the truck to put the head safely away for transport and the owner of the 8 ball comes over and says that his son made a mistake on the price.United - The Originator of In-Line Games Company Related - So Little History!Bingo-IN Japan - Post Card Sigma Cherokee Rose Video IC Sigma Addendum Sigmas Artworkemis Bingo (ipdb) The Medal Games Probably from CYE Sigmas Pastel Showers Acapulco Blog Sigma Game Play IC Bingo Vacation ic bingo Searching Goggle Japan Some Japan Pinball Industry History ic bingo.I had it set up and playing in the garage gameroom for sometime and enjoy the gameplay even though it wasn't a game i remembered playing as a kid.My father and i purchased our Sweet Hearts from a vendor in Newark NJ called R Y Amusements back in 1969 when i was 14 yrs old for the price of 125.00.Bikini Bally (USA) Sold Had to have this game and finally bought one from a close collector friend from PA who enjoys the bingos just as much as e game worked perfect when i got and i maintained it through the years i had.Jeffery Lawtons favorite bingos: Lido Bikini You?It didn't matter to me after viewing the nice condition woodgrain playfield in the game.I stopped posting signs for about a year or so in the store and thought it was time to go back to the store and post a pinball wanted sign again.This attractive game has outstanding coloring and artwork throughout the entire game and is enjoyable to view and fun to play.Well after posting the sign sure enough i get a call again from this manager at the store.

When the ball goes through the left 6 card side out the player can hit the ball off the folded corner of the card tray just in front of the outhole bring the ball back up into the doing so the player can continue the.
Coney island (3 card bingo) Bally (USA) Set up, plays!
Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold to a local buyer who love cars d he put it in his man cave.