Euro jackpot checker

euro jackpot checker

Viii (2 Numbers, 2 EuroNumbers).603 x 13,80, iX (3 Numbers, 1 EuroNumber).275 x 13,80, x (3 Numbers, 0 EuroNumbers) 143.271 x 11,90, xI (1 Number, 2 EuroNumbers) 419.060 x 7,40, xII (2 Numbers, 1 EuroNumber).130.480 x 6,70 All information is subject.
On m you can learn more about the odds of winning and the prize categories of the EuroJackpot and other big jackpot lotteries.If you are not sure which numbers to play, note that according to statistics, the luckiest EuroJackpot numbers are 40, 19, 16, 18 and 10, and the most drawn Euro numbers are 6 and.However you can also use our free EuroJackpot number checker.Do you choose numbers that have been seen most recently, or opt for those that statistically haven't been drawn as often as you'd expect?You can also find the lottery results for the past ten weeks archived here.And what about the separate Euronumbers pot?If you did not match the 5 main numbers and the 2 Euro numbers which are necessary to win the jackpot, don't worry, there is a total of 12 prize categories and the odds to win a prize are 1.Just enter your address and tick the box.EuroJackpot Results, euroJackpot Prediction, play online, match.Prize tier, category, number of winners, prizes.We update the EuroJackpot winning numbers here every Friday evening (or Saturday morning if based in Asia) after the draw has taken place.Matching all of the numbers on your Betslip wins you the multi-millionaire jackpot but there are 11 other smaller tiers which you should also check as just matching two numbers correctly will win you the minimum prize.After that, you will only have to worry about living the life of your dreams!For maximum info, consult our EuroJackpot Statistics, which offers a full list of the numbers drawn most often, when they bingo ballen set were last drawn, how many times they have been in a jackpot-winning line, and the dates the game paid out on that number - you.Want to know which EuroJackpot numbers are due and which numbers are not?Don't know what would you do in that situation?This page provides details of the results, prize values and number of winners for the last ten Eurojackpot draws ; so dig out your old tickets, one of them may have made you a millionaire!Our statistics and data have everything you need to discover which numbers are on a lucky streak, which numbers are overdue an appearance, and which balls are often drawn together.EuroJackpot 10th May 2019 Friday - Draw, next EuroJackpot drawing: Jackpot: 10,000,000.Find out more about the luckiest EuroJackpot numbers and other popular world-class lotteries.In case you are a lucky winner, you will receive an email notification with the good news and your prize will be credited to your player account, if the prize is higher than 2500 we will provide you support to claim your winnings, and the.
Rollovers and the estimated next EuroJackpot jackpot amount are also clearly indicated with the date of the next draw.
With better odds of winning than EuroMillions and bigger jackpot prizes than the National Lottery, make sure that you choose your EuroJackpot winning numbers carefully and we?

Simply click on a result and this will produce a full prize breakdown for all of the different tiers.
You can check the complete prize breakdown and the amount of winners for each prize category.
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