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You could say that because of these rules, Urban Exploring is a victimless crime.
Factories are popular but bunkers or other military terrains as well.
Graffiti is found on almost every site an explorer sets foot.
We do, however the same motto: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.The only rule we break is the No trespassing rule.If the location is revealed it indicateur force de main poker could become a target for burglars or vandals and that is we try to protect a site from.By this we mean that we don't steal, we only record what we see and then leave.Urban explorers are often confused with vandals or thieves by the police or owners of a site.We regret that people with other intentions destroy these beautiful places.The places we enter are often so old and neglected that floors are rotten, stairs are broken and ceilings are caved.We want casino rest stop it to be exactly il casino rosso how we found it when we leave, but also when we come back after a while.Asbestos is also commonly found in these places and its best not to come near this stuff.This is out of respect for the owner and possible neighbors but most of all: out of respect for the site.Urban Exploration is the quest to find products of our civilization that have been abandoned and that are (usually) not accessible to the public.The golden rule of urban exploration is: Never reveal the address/location of a site.Chemicals and loose wiring can also be a serious hazard.The places, or sites, are often severely affected by the ravages of time but also by vandalism.There isnt any form of association between urban explorers whatsoever.Being trapped in a place due to a door that falls in its lock behind you or by falling through the floor is the most dangerous hazard of them all.