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Attacker, kilgoretrout, glaad battleship.999 ( -1 battlecruiser.500 ( -0 ) defender.
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Summary of profit/losses: Summary attackers(s) Metal:.470.258 Crystal:.196.456 Deuterium: 240.317 The attacker(s) made a profit.907.031 units.October 9-13, 2019, frederick County Fairgrounds.A moon was formed around the planet with a diameter.602.Heavy Laser.500, ion Cannon.500, small Shield Dome.The chance for a moon to be casino mestre venezia created from the debris was.Howard County, MD, april 24-28, 2019, howard County Fairgrounds.At these space coordinates now float.196.000 metal and.781.000 crystal.The attacker has won the battle!The enormous amounts of free metal and crystal drew together.This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.The attacker captured a total.990.031 units.Cruiser 100, espionage Probe 340, rocket Launcher.000, light Laser.500.Powered by OGotcha CR Converter.1.4.Gaithersburg, MD, june 26-30, 2019, montgomery County Fairgrounds, timonium,.On -:-:-, the following fleets met in battle: Attacker, kilgoretrout, glaad battleship.000, battlecruiser.500 defender.

The attacker(s) captured the debris.